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1952 MGTD

  • 6 May 2020 12:16 AM
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     Beverly and I were married in February1962 while I was a junior in Architecture at the Univ of Illinois. We had only bicycles for transportation.  We rented an apt. with a yard and one car garage where the first year we kept the bicycles.

     In those days, college was so inexpensive, Beverly's full time job and my half time job ,both at the university, allowed us to save enough to buy this eleven year old car which had 74K miles on the odometer.     We soon joined the local sports car club and participated in rallies and  gym-connas.

    1964 just before grad school, I decided to take the car to the frame while there was no rust, and the wood was still good.   I rebuilt the engine and the tranny in our living room because it is warmer than the garage in the winter.  I graduated in Feb1966 and signed up for Navy OCS which began training mid Oct, so we packed up all the car pieces into a U-Haul and returned to our home town of Kankakee,Illinois.  We rented an apt across the street from where we both got full time jobs in the Architect's office.  

    In the seven months of evenings and weekends, I "threw" the car back together and had four weeks to test drive before reporting to Newport,RI.

    I ended up being stationed at NAAS base  in South Texas.  There I taught Beverly how to drive so she could manage with our newborn daughter while I was "fighting the War" at the Navy Air Base.  In those four years, I did manage to paint the tub, but the fenders remained the original black.

    We moved back to Kankakee after the Navy and two years later, I took a job in Montana, where we stayed for over seventeen years.  The MG was Beverly's transportation to work at both Illinois and Montana.  We moved to Chapel Hill in July 1988.     2010 I dismantled the TD again and 2013 finished the job correctly , including the fenders.

    In the past 56 years, we have driven "To and Through" all 48 States and 7 Canada Provinces . Never trailered, we have the nicks and scratches to prove it.   

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  • 15 May 2020 9:18 AM
    Reply # 8970805 on 8949515

    Wow - the toughest class to judge.  Voting for Derwood for shear longevity, mileage and originality.

  • 16 May 2020 12:52 PM
    Reply # 8973256 on 8949515

    I have some concern about voting for my ( OUR ) own car, but if you use.... .longevity, mileage,places driven to and through, number of times taken down to the frame (twice ...40 years between ),  number of years driven as a daily driver ( approx. 37 ) , number of household drivers without breaking a clutch or a tranny gear( 3 ) and all maintenance and restoration by owner(s)..........this is where I have to give my vote.

    MGs till the roads wear out.......which could take a long time if this shut down continues.

    Shamefully submitted by Derwood

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